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OP56 "The Homecoming"
Original oil painting 22x30: $850
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"The Homecoming"

While much has been written about the effect of empty nest syndrome on mothers, I never realized it probably impacted fathers, as well as the children, more than even they would believe.

When our own sons went off to college, I counted on their coming home for the summers. However, by their sophomore years they gave me the "bad news" that they would stay on campus summers, working for their professors.

So when our sons, after a year's absence, came home for a surprise celebration of their father's birthday, the "homecoming" and the emotional outpouring of hugs of these three men, was an event etched into my brain as well as my soul. I had to try to capture that "special moment" in a painting.

Happy music and art, Cinder LeDell

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