Cinder and her music student Lori Gooen

Music has always been an integral part of Cinder, and always will be. From the earliest days of her childhood learning to play the piano in the lap of her mother, she has loved and been involved with music. Learning to play the piano and sing at a young age prepared her to become the organist and choir master at whatever church her minister father happened to pastor, followed by numerous churches after she left home. Religious and classical music became the foundation of her musical training. At the School of Music at the University of Minnesota her musical training was solidified.

It was a move from Minnesota to New Jersey that sparked a newfound desire to make a career out of music, and so she founded a rock and roll band and took to the nightclubs of New Jersey to build a name and recognition for her music. While it was a tough life, especially with two small boys to care for, it nonetheless provided the impetus to write a lot of music. Much of her original music was "Top 40" in style, but she always found time on quiet Sunday mornings to go back to her religious heritage and compose sacred music as her own informal "Church Service".

However, Cinder found her true musical calling--to bring music into the lives of children--when she became a full-time private music teacher. Of the hundreds of students she has had over the years she teaches them first to "LOVE" music and then she teaches them voice, piano, organ, guitar, composition or whatever to bring that love of music to LIFE.

Sometime this summer you will be able to wander around her "musical den" to find music that touches your heart. In these pages you will find her own original material as well as selections from her students.

John LeDell