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OP122 "Boys' Day"
Original oil painting 5x7: $80
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OP122A Print 5x7
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unframed includes 8x10 mat.
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With frames #1 or #2 : $51
With frames #3 or #4 : $68
Also available Greeting cards.
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"Boys' Day"

May 5th in Japan is known as Boy's Day even though the government has modernized it into Children's Day. On this day Japanese families fly these cloth replicas of an honored fish, the carp, to honor each of their children. All across the country, one can see these "fish" fluttering in the breeze, decorating the sky as they hang from bamboo poles.

I was in Japan on May 5th, saw all these "fish", reminding me of long-ago scenes when I grew up in Hawaii. I felt compelled as an artist to capture this unusual sight.

P.S. For Mother's Day, my younger son gave me a true-blue fish flag of my own.

Happy music and art, Cinder LeDell

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