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OP195 "Snow Crocus"
Original oil painting:5x4: SOLD
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OP195A Print 6x5
Limited Edition of 100: $25
unframed includes 10x10 mat.
Optional frames.
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With frames #1 or #2 : $74
With frames #3 or #4 : $74
Also available Greeting cards.
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"Snow Crocus"

Snow might be crusting the ground, and I might be in my galoshes crunching around my backyard, but I'm on one of my annual "let's see what's pushing up through the ground" hikes.

I'll go out several times during February or March, looking for the promising signs of spring--such as those amazing tiny tree buds and surprising baby grasses.

But, I have to sit on the wet ground to really appreciate the miniature "opps I nearly missed you" Snow Crocuses bravely holding up their less-than-one-inch round heads. I lean over the top and look inside the flower. I now have soggy jeans and some snow in my boots, but my first peak at spring is worth it.

Happy music and art, Cinder LeDell

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