Art and Stories by Cinder LeDell

OP132 "Snow Castle"
Original oil painting 18x24: $600
Signed/numbered prints available, with certificate of authenticity:
OP132A Print 8x10
Limited Edition of 100: $30
unframed includes 11x14 mat.
Optional frames.
Choose frame #1,2,3 or 4

With frames #1 or #2 : $67
With frames #3 or #4 : $86
Also available Greeting cards.
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"Snow Castle"

"Cinderella" is my favorite childhood tale. I took my nickname from that story. Like thousands of children, I dreamed of being Cinderella. When my mother made me iron clothes in our cold basement, or take the garbage out when I was afraid of the dog next door -- that's when I wanted some handsome prince to rescue me and give me the life I thought I deserved.

Years passed. I found the prince, and he saved me. Over nearly thirty years together, we've seen many of our dreams come true. When we bought this "castle" fourteen years ago, my fairy godmother granted me my wish for a big house.

It's a rambling white wonder of a place. We have concerts in the great room, parties at the pool, and my favorite -- quiet times together anyplace we want.

The painting evokes a bit of fairy tale fantasy for me, as Cinderella leaves her broom behind and as a princess spends her days painting and making music. Here in our "Snow Castle", we are the royalty; however, we are still the hardworking Cinderella, complete with broom, and her prince.

Happy music and art, Cinder LeDell

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